Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is this Chaplin? tags this as actually being Chaplin, but I am convinced it is a very good impersonator. Mainly because that's not Jackie Coogan, and the tiny Charlie seems like part of an act. I've tried to dig up info, but this photo does not appear in any Chaplin book or website, to my knowledge.
Also, if we are to assume that this was taken during the making of 'The Kid', Chaplin's outfit would look more like this:

For comparison, here are a few more photos of Chaplin and Coogan on the set:

What do you think? I'm not sure who this impersonator is in the photo below, but I think it could be him. Compare their facial structure and shoes:

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  1. Hallo, Mr.D
    that is Charlie Rivel, 1928 in Paris with the performance les Rivels together with his brothers Polo Rivel and Rene Rivel, the trapez parodie of Charlie Chaplin.
    The Fotograph is R. Endrey, he made all the Fotos from my Famely, the Andreu Rivels.

    Johnny Rivel