Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

1921 'The Nut' starring Douglas Fairbanks

In an uncredited cameo, Charlie Chaplin plays... a Charlie Chaplin impersonator! Take a look around minute 14:23 of this video.

Rick Davis as Charlie Chaplin

Rick Davis is the founder of the Institute of Totally Useless Skills, and was once a clown with Ringling Brothers Circus. He is also the author of Totally Useless Skills, and Totally Useless Skills For Kids, as well as the videos Totally Useless Skills, and Totally Useless Office Skills. His website is

(Does anyone out there have any more information about this individual? I'm very curious about what program these clips are from.)

Universal Studios: Samir Kamoun

You can find out more about Samir here.

Rudy Cecera

Cecera as Chaplin, and Penelope Lagos as Mabel Normand in the short film 'Madcap Mabel'.