Sunday, November 30, 2014

Chaplin and the Kid(s), Universal Studios Singapore

Chaplin imitator and showgirl, 1927

Damian Blake entertaining in Virginia Beach

Chaplin impersonator Damian Blake at Virginia Beach WWI Airshow, 2014

Charlie Rivel

Cary Grant for Life Magazine

Geraldine Chaplin and a shifty imitator...

Geraldine Chaplin looking pretty uncomfortable with an unknown imitator

Chaplin cameo on 'Peaky Blinders' Season 2, episode 5

Damian Blake as 'Shoulder Arms' style Chaplin

Damian Blake entertaining at the WWI Museum Airshow, Virginia Beach 2014.

Young child in Chaplin costume, circa 1920

Damian Blake, Charlie Chaplin impersonator

Damian Blake doing a Chaplin routine for the Musical Theatre Heritage Anniversary Gala, Kansas City MO 2014.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Damian Blake as Charlie Chaplin, 2014

"Local actor Damian Blake performing as silent film star Charlie Chaplin, helped 10-year-old Asad Sutton, of Kansas City, balance a spinning plate Sunday, September 28, 2014, in the children's tent at the 50th anniversary block party for the Kansas City Repertory Theatre on the UMKC campus."SUSAN PFANNMULLER/Special to the Star

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Pete Quaife, 1953

Pete Quaife doing an impression of Charlie Chaplin, 1953.
/Photo rights to David Quaife.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Matthew Ruggles in 'Gone With the Bullets' 2014

QuickFlicks ad, 1987

Ad for QuickFlicks Videos featured at Circle K convenience stores circa 1987 (and also featured in the background of the movie 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'!)

Sheila Buckmaster as Charlie

'She -- or should I say "he"? -- is back for an encore performance. For the ninth time in the past decade, our dear sister Sheila F. Buckmaster transforms into the true drag king she really is and is enjoying her role in the festivities of Carnevale di Venezia dressed up as her lifelong hero Charlie Chaplin, with whom she shares the same birthday, April 16.
For most of the year Sheila serves as senior editor-at-large for periodicals such asNational Geographic Traveler and the slick house organ of the Global Business Travel Association. But right now the New York City native has taken to partying and courting the belles dames of the haughty and naughty social, cultural and Dionysian scene at Carnevale that is taking place until Feb. 12 in the most beautiful faux-gay city in the world, Venice, Italy.'

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A really great Chaplin (actor unknown)...

Odd oval photo of man (or woman) on rooftop as Chaplin

Little Bertie Lockwood

A postcard photograph of Little Bertie Lockwood (active 1917-1918), ‘The Smallest Comedian in the World,’ a pupil of Lila Field’s dancing school at Heddon Street, Regent Street, London
(photo: Elliott & Fry Ltd, London, 1918)
At the King’s Theatre, Hammersmith, pupils of Lila Field appeared in The Marriage of Oberon, a masque by Lewis Cornwall with music by Jean Mars, and Love and Kisses, a musical phantasy by Thomas Courtice. Bertie Lockwood appeared in both productions, but for the latter the ‘idea of doubling has no terrors for Bertie Lockwood, and in this piece he is seen in three parts – Jacob (the Cat), the ”Tommy,” and Charlie Chaplin. As the ”Tommy” he sings ”Oh! Oh! It’s a lovely war” in a manner which gained for him a deserved encore on the occasion of our visit.’
(The Stage, London, Thursday, 16 May 1918, p. 12c/d)

Article about 'stunt double' Julian Hall

An odd article, considering Chaplin very proudly never used stunt doubles until he was much older.  However, in a few early films, Chaplin was doubled while riding horses (something he was not very skilled in)… the 'tumble down the mountain' in The Gold Rush is clearly Chaplin.

Costume party group photo

Impersonator outside German theatre advertising 'The Pilgrim' 1923

1921 'Kings Carnivale' Meadsville PA

Comde Computers ad, 1983

An obvious nod to (or blatantly cashing in on the popularity of) IBM computer ads.

Louis Kaufman advertisement, London

Unknown impersonator photo

Billy Scudder, 'The Guide' magazine

Impersonator outside Broadway theatre, 1920

Billy West in 'The Rogue' (with Oliver Hardy)