Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Coronation of George VI celebration, 1920's

Photo reads: 'Albert Jude, dressed as "Charlie Chaplin" as part of the celebrations held in Orwell for the Coronation of George VI.'

Jacques Fath, fashion party, 1951

Soviet film "Circus", 1936 featuring Nikolai Otto

You can watch this film all the way through, right here.  It features Nikolai Otto as the Tramp character, but it's unclear whether he is supposed to be a clown playing Chaplin, or the actual Little Tramp character himself. He is quite impressive, appears in many scenes, and does not break character when 'backstage', helping the main characters dress and change.  There are some great gags involving a cannon, and some good cane tricks.  Truly fascinating!

IBM catalogue, 1980's